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Commonwealth of Great Nations
Team Color [[File:{{{team}}} team.gif]] Multi-Colored
Founder(s) Brilliance of the Glory Republic and Smallfrog of Smallfrog
Founded September 1, 2007
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The CGN was a small mainly blue team alliance formed out of a merge between the Commonwealth of New England and the Coalition of Great Nations. Its life was short, and it merged with PLUS.

The Commonwealth of Great Nations History Edit

The commonwealth of great nations formed out of a merge between the Commonwealth of New England and the Coalition of great nations. Initially the old leader of CoGN became the chancellor, and the alliance quickly joined the Common Defense Treaty.

Soon after its formation, the CGN played a small role in GWIV, in which it battled with Gen[m]ay, joining in due to a friendship treaty with the white delegation. After this war the allaince continued to grow peacefully, until it was involved in some highly publicised events in late October/early November. These events involved accusations of spying by a nation in the dragon army, the nation making the accusations was attacked for provoking the government of the CGN.

In November, the chancellor Brilliance left office due to growing unpopularity within the alliance, and Smallfrog was appointed chancellor when the other main runner left, not wishing to split the alliance. At the beginning of December, Brilliance applied to return to the alliance, only to face accusations of spying by the New Polar Order. His application was refused, and he was ZIed by the New Polar Order, with some encouragement from disillusioned CGN members, angered by a perception of lack of action and arrogance by him when he was Chancellor.

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