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Commissar for the Interior of
the Socialist Workers Front
Emblem of the Interior Commissariat
Ray Matveyev

since 6 December 2009
Term lengthTwo months
Formation5 September 2009

The Commissariat for the Interior is the primary governmental body in charge of the day-to-day administrating and moderating of the SWF's boards and communication channels. Additionally, the Interior Commissariat is tasks with the responsibility to administrate recruitment drives, media production. The Commissariat is also tasked with the gathering of statistical information and the publication of the Census of the Socialist Workers Front.

The Interior Commissariat hosts programs handling signals, recruitment, and internal developments.

Ray Matveyev 6 December 2009 - incumbent IInd
The Noob 18 September 2009 - 5 December 2009 Ist

Census Board of the Socialist Workers Front[]

The Census Board of the Commissariat for the Interior is the main hub for statistical information on the Front, and where the SWF's growth is tracked and recorded. Every-so-often a Census of the Socialist Workers Front is published detailing the data collected.

Red Telegraph[]

The Red Telegraph of the Socialist Workers Front is the main signal corps infrastructure for the front, providing mass media and messaging to send news, updates, and directives to the nations of the Front.

Agitation and Propaganda Bureau[]

The Agitation and Propaganda Bureau, or AGITPROP, of the Socialist Workers Front is the center for all media productions on behalf of the Front. This includes, movies, images, and text (announcements). Writers, directors, and graphic artists are welcome here!

Central Outreach Commission[]

The Central Outreach Commission, or COC, is the primary organ within the Interior Commissariat in charge of recruiting new members to the Front.