Unofficial flag of the Commie Volunteer Force


Signature used by members of the Commie Volunteer Force

On the April 27th, 2008, the MDP between the Communist Party of CyberNations and the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization was dissolved. With the GATO-1V War raging, this led to some members looking to honor the spirit of the treaty; six volunteers heeded the call to arms and joined GATO in its fight for survival.

The six members were:

Nearly all plunged straight into the fighting and embarked on a bitter struggle against impossible odds with One Vision forces. Yuusha declared his entry into the war with a public declaration of war on the New Pacific Order. All six took part in the counter offensives by GATO at the midway point of war, fighting with distinction.

Yet the counter offensives were but hopeless charges at the enemy, an enemy that had the benefit of superior aid and numbers. In the end the CVF fighters were overwhelmed. Some were forced to surrender after weeks of relentless back to back fighting. Che, Redraider and Cataduanes remained on the frontline, battling on with diminishing resources until the end of the war on July 21, 2008.

Azreal's nation 'the rock' disappeared but he reappeared with a new nation after the war, while Yuusha’s nation (Otakuland) paid the ultimate price: suffering ZI, bill lock and subsequent deletion.

With the war over, RedRaider remained a GATO member, while Azrael, Che and Onikujo returned to the CPCN (Azrael would eventually return to GATO after the end of the Pacifican Viceroy's occupation). Cataduanes departed two days after the end of the war, opting to go to return to his first home, the Orange Defense Network. Yuusha went on to create a new nation several months in the future, by the name of "CommieLoliLand", and is now in the SOS Brigade.

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