The Commander Club
Commanders Club

Official Standard
"Well done, Commander!"

Commander ClubEdit

The Commander club is a highly exclusive, slightly reclusive channel on IRC. It is only to be joined by those holding the rank of commander, or with a ruler name that contains the title of "Commander". Captains and Generals need not apply—to that end, for example, Lurunin, the Captain of PPO, is not eligible. His MoD, SpliceVW, while ostensibly of a lower rank, is known as PPO's "Commander of War", and is thus eligible to apply. Note that a /nick change on IRC is not sufficient to be granted membership, and will be viewed dimly.

Activities in the channel generally include carrying oneself with a great deal of self importance, festooning oneself with headwear that both underscores and heightens the effect of the rank, greeting and addressing the various members by rank (i.e. "Good day, Commander!" "Good day, Commander."), and reflecting upon the depth and breadth of commands given in the past, both recent and distant. After regaling the other members with tales of commands given, a typical response is "Well done, Commander!"

Eligible MembersEdit

The following rulers in Cybernations will be granted automatic membership: Auto Eligibility List

All others must apply and hope against all hope for the very best.

Current membersEdit

Commander Markfrancos


Red Ass Commander Walsh the Beloved

Commander Cress

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