Combatmedic of Glenlivet joined the CCC on May 5, 2007, and he quickly distinguished himself as a leader and innovator in the alliance. Very early on, Combatmedic displayed useful talents in the area of foreign relations. He quickly volunteered to serve as ambassador to several reputable alliances including UMC, IRON and NpO. But, it was his work with Greenland Republic that earned him distinction within the CCC and abroad. While serving as Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs and the CCC ambassador to Greenland Republic, he was able to forge a PIAT with them that proved to be the foundation to one of the deepest and most committed relationships that the CCC was to ever have. This relationship was quickly tested when GR was drawn into the Unjust War. Through Combatmedics leadership, the CCC would go on to help GR rebuild following that conflict.

Combatmedic’s skill and contributions to the alliance did not end with his work in foreign affairs. He also served in the CCC military as an effective Grand Master of the Knights Hospitaller. His frequently showed great knowledge and insight into the affairs of the CCC including economic, domestic, and military issues. One of his most last contributions was the creation of Nation Audits, which he initiated as a way of improving the efficiency and strength of the CCC.

Along with these many contributions, Combatmedic was also dearly loved among all of the members of the CCC. When he left the CCC in October 2007 to join the rebuilding GR, many CCC’er remarked at the void that had been left by his absence. Fortunately, Combatmedic continued to bless the CCC as the GR ambassador. His commitment and love for the CCC as well as his real life service in the U.S. Army have earned Combatmedic the alliance’s continuing honor and respect.

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