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Before Baltum had become a nation, it was the colonies of several powerful kingdoms. There were 3 empires that controlled the territory of modern-day Baltum. Each one freed them at their own time, but in the end the Baltic territories were united. The three empires were: United Kingdom, Germany, and Denmark. The British ruled what was known as British Baltic Territories, the germans ruled the German Baltic Provinces, and the Danes controlled the Northern Baltic States. The Territories, Provinces, and States each had their own colonial govt. but were ruled by their respective rulers. The colonies were close, and the 3 powers often fought over the territory.

British Baltic Territories[]

The British Baltic Territories were the largest of the three, and the one with the most power. They reffered to themselves as subjects to the King of England and were loyal. Their raw materials, which were sold to England, allowed them to live in style.

German Baltic Provinces[]

The German Baltic Provinces were the smallest of the three, but were the second strongest. However, germany did not take good care of their colonies and the people were planning a revolution for several years. However, peace was kept by the powerful German Army which kept the turmoil within the colony from spreading.

Northern Baltic States[]

The Northern Baltic States, though the second largest, had the weakest armed forces. Thus, they were always afraid of their more powerful neighbors. These soon also began plans for a revolt, however, the could not betray their rulers and remained loyal.

The Revolution[]

A man from a far off nation, called Baltus, arrived to find this desolate place with constant turmoil. He made it his goal to unite them. He soon began a rebellious organization who called themselves the Baltic Warriors. They began fighting as a guerrilla squad but as their numbers grew they overthrew the govt. of the Germans, and soon the danish. For a while there was peace, both empires had decided that it was too costly and let him rule as leader of the Provisional government. However, the British, afraid of losing a prized colony enforced stricter laws and maintained a powerful army. A wall was erected on the border, and hundreds of men were stationed. When one of the British had accidentally fired a shot, it started a war they would soon not forget. Though the British army was initially overpowering, the Baltic army soon had the upper hand. Months later the British surrendered and the British Baltic Territories merged with the Provisional Government of Baltum, together they created the First Kingdom of Baltum, begging an era of peace.