Colonel Robert Brick
Born April 21, 1985
Location London, Empire of Flames
Height 5' 9"
Other name(s) Colonel Brick

Colonel Robert Brick is the Colonel of the Empire of Flames, formerly the Empire of Eruption, as the head of state. Upon taking control of the Empire of Flames he applied for membership to the Global Protection Force.

Colonel Brick joined Cybernations with The Empire of the UK in 2009, before joining the United States of CN (USCN). As Minister of Commerce, Colonel Brick was responsible for maintaining tech deals and trades for the alliance.

Following the merger between USCN and the Federation of Allied Republics, Colonel Brick became Minister of Internal Affairs where he remained until the disbandment of the alliance in November 2011.

Colonel Brick then went on to be a founding member of the Global Protection Force.

Founding of the Global Protection ForceEdit

Colonel Brick founded the Global Protection Force alongside xR1 Fatal Instinct, Duke Nukem, Sirchinny and Cress in November 2011. Following the establishing of the alliance, Colonel Brick assumed the position of Secretary General.

Member of the Global Protection ForceEdit

Brick was the first Secretary General of the Global Protection Force and served there for a long length of time before becoming inactive in 2012. He was succeeded by xR1 Fatal Instinct.

In Spring 2013 Colonel Brick became the 4th Secretary General after rejoining the Global Protection Force in the beginning of the year. In August 2013, inactivity hit Brick once more and his position was taken over by KCahill.

In December 2013, Brick applied for membership once more with the Global Protection Force and is currently a permanent member.

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