Colonel Arthur James Brown

Assumed office
July 30th 2009
Preceded by (first colonel)

Born 15, February, 1981
Leicester, Great Britain
Political party (none, dependent of the Cellestian Royal House
Spouse Elizabeth Parker
Religion Roman Catholic

"As a Cellestian i am glad and i thank you to see the peace and prosperity restaured back in our dear Nation, and all of that progresses made under so hard circunstances that few states have found, because of that many goods made, i congrat you as all the Military of Cellestia. I hope you enjoy complete health and that at the end of your public life you will be filled of the fair recognizment of every Cellestian. Theese are the votes that do and will always do for you, this your apassionated friend and copatriot that kiss your hands.

King Charles I of Cellestia"

Letter from King Charles I of Cellestia to the Colonel

The Colonel Arthur James Brown, is the national colonel of Cellestia, and was the head of state during the Anarch Period from 20 to 23 October, 2009 because of the Fundamental Law, that makes that when none is governing the country, the head of military is encharged to rule the country.

Career Edit

He was appointed as Colonel of the country by the King because his presence was fundamental in the foundation of the country, him borned in Leicester, UK, and in 2006, him knowed a man called Charles Bullrich-Iturraspe, who shared his beliefs, so then him merged to the Aristocratic League, presided by Charles I, and in July 30th, 2009 after the Bought and Foundation of Cellestia him was appointed to Colonel, and in 20th October of its year, due to the exiliation of King Charles, him was appointed as de facto head of state of Cellestia.

War of EscaliburEdit

A few days after the declaration of war from Escalibur in 16th October, the King Charles exiliated to Argentina, and due to the Fundamental Law, Brown was appointed to the head of state possition, and with help from the nations of Transvaal and Chemelot, Cellestia won the battle.

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