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His Excellency
Coffey Sheff Frank

1st President of Frankmerica
In office
March 19, 2011 – present
Monarch Vacancy
Vice President(s)   Vacancy
Preceded by Office created

Born July 28, 1976
United States Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Nationality American
Constituency Frankmerica
Political party None
Spouse None
Children None
Residence Frankmerican House, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Frankmerica

Coffey Sheff Frank (born on July 28, 1976), or better known by his nickname CoffeeShopFrank or CSF, is a member of Sparta and the president of Frankmerica. CSF is famous for drinking excessive amounts of coffee, and it is rumored that coffee, not blood, runs through his veins. CSF's current goal is to take over Seattle so he can create some "Coffee Empire". Apparently, Seattle once contained a long-lost coffee empire, and CSF wants to create a new coffee empire so he can achieve a caffeinated victory.


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