Cobalt Concordat - Carmine Coalition Conflict
Date June 4th, 2013 -
Casus belli Eradication of the red menace from Planet Bob.
Status Ongoing
Cobalt Concordat Carmine Coalition

Shokkou (Alpha Complex)

The Cobalt Concordat - Carmine Coalition Conflict is an ongoing war between The Cobalt Concordat and the Carmine Coalition.

The Cobalt Concordat - Carmine Coalition Conflict was declared on June 4th, 2013 by the signatories of the Cobalt Concordat. At the time of the declaration, no nations were on the alliance affiliation of "Carmine Coalition."

Three hours after the official declaration of war was posted to the ONF, MitchellBlade of DanceAThon 2005 assumed the alliance affiliation and attacked the author of the Cobalt Concordat and the war declaration, Shokkou of Alpha Complex.

Regional Victory
After the sneak attack of DanceAThon 2005, Alpha Complex dropped to DEFCON 1 and bought up a full military to counterattack. Casualties were high on both sides, but it was ultimately DanceAThon 2005 which suffered the greater overall damage to its NS. At 12:37 PM on June 5th, DanceAThon 2005 sent an official request for peace to the ruler of Alpha Complex. The request was not immediately accepted, as the negotiations for reparations had not yet been successfully finalized. The nation of DanceAThon 2005 also abandoned the alliance affiliation of "Carmine Coalition" during this time, leaving it to be fully disbanded. At 3:38 PM, the surrender of DanceAThon 2005 was accepted and the regional conflict was ended. The nation of DanceAThon 2005 agreed to pay $3 million in reparations to the people of Alpha Complex. Later on the 5th the reparations were changed to completion of all active tech deals by DanceAThon 2005 on behalf of Alpha Complex, a total of 250 tech.

The signatories of the Cobalt Concordat chose to remain at war with the Carmine Coalition, under the pretense that others may be in hiding.

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