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Coat of Arms of
Coat of Arms of Großgermania
Armiger Emperor Michael von Preußen
Adopted 12 December 2008
Crest A mullet or
Escutcheon Or, a bicephalated eagle sable, langued gules and armed or, displayed.
Supporters Six standards sable, gules, et or, flanked.
Coat of Arms of Großgermania
Insignia of the National Unionist Party

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The Coat of Arms of Großgermania is a symbol of the People's Empire of Greater Germania, featuring a double-headed eagle. The colors of the coat of arms are those on the flag of the Empire: black, red, and gold. The shield is supported by six tricolor standards, used in Germany as the state flag from 1919 to 1933. The coat of arms has a gold star as its crown, symbolizing the socialist aspects of National Unionism, the double-headed eagle representing those imperial aspects of the political-economic system.

An alternative coat of arms, more properly an insignia, is similar to the version of the Reichsadler used as the national insignia under Nazi Germany, but with the axe and sickle, a symbol of National Unionism, used in place of the swastika, which fell out of popular use worldwide following the collapse of Nazism in Europe. Officially, this is simply a symbol of the National Unionist Party of Großgermania, but it is often used as a state symbol on documents, as it is simpler to render than the official coat of arms when printing.


The double-headed eagle was been used to represent Germany since the Holy Roman Empire, although the eagle itself had been used to represent Germania under Charles the Great. The current coat of arms was used during the 1848 Revolutions, the same time the colors black, red, and gold were first used to represent Germany. Abandoned for a hundred sixty years in favor of, originally, imperial designs, and later simpler designs, the 1848 Coat of Arms was resurrected by the German National Unionist Party during their election campaigns in Germany.

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