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Coat of Arms of
Deutsch Republik
Coat of Arms of Deutsch Republik
Armiger Regierung der Republik von Deutschland (Government of the Republic of Germany)
Adopted 20th September 2009
Crest Union Eagle
Escutcheon Union Eagle; Superior; Bold
Supporters Republikaner

This is the current symbol (coat of arms) of the Deutsch Republik.

Current Use[]

Official depictions of the eagle can be found not only in the federal coat of arms but also on the federal institutions flag, the standard of the Präsident of der Deutsch Republik and official seals. These are designs by various artists of the Weimar period and differ primarily in the shape and position of the wings. A large and very plump version of the eagle decorates the chamber of the Bundestag, the German parliament; it is sometimes called "Fette Henne" (Fat Hen), with a similar representation found on the Euro coin. In addition to the official depictions, artistic renderings of the federal eagle are permitted and have found their way onto coins, stamps and the letterhead of federal authorities.