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Coat of Arms of
Coat of Arms of Aazamar
Armiger Government of Aazamar
Adopted September 21 2009

The outer rim features a tumen nasan, symbolizing eternity, surrounding a circular blue field, symbolizing the sky. On the centre of the field is a combination of the Soyombo symbol and the wind horse (treasured steed), symbolizing Aazamar's independence, sovereignty, and spirit. Above the field is a chandmani, representing the Buddhist Three Jewels, which in Aazamar folklore is a sign of honor, and symbolizes past, present, and future. Below the central emblem is a green mountain range, with the wheel of destiny at the center. On the bottom of the mountain range and wheel is a khadag, a ceremonial scarf. The Coats of Arms of Aazamar are inspired by Asian folklore,most notably the past out Mongolian Empire.