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This alliance has disbanded
This alliance has disbanded.
Coalition of Independent States
CIS Official Flag

CIS Official Flag
Team Color Team Multi-Colored
Leader(s) Odysseus I
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The Coalition of Independent States was founded by President Siggon DeKarav of the Kristovakkian SSR. Its aim was to form a bond between nations which chose to remin independent, including those without alliances. The alliance is a group of small nations watching each other's backs. There is no discrimination, and there are no requirements to join the alliance. The laws are quite unusual; the alliance has borders, when you stay inside them, you're a part of the alliance, but when you do something they disapprove of, they leave you to handle that situation on your own.

The alliance is like an alliance of fully independent states, and its government system does not choose to impact the government system of the nations aligned to it. States have the right to act independently (on their own), or to act as an alliance member. If a suggestion or approval request is approved, nations will do such approved actions as members of the alliance, but if there's no approval, the nation commits the act as a fully independent state, and the alliance is not responsible.

The members of the alliance work together to build each other, helping out in the most desperate times of need. They watch each other's backs and try to prevent harm, if not prevented, it is countered. Currently the Coalition of Independent States has been re-founded by Odysseus I, who has proclaimed himself Chairmen of the CIS.

For more information about the CIS, visit their Global Embassy

Current Leadership[]

Chairman: Odysseus I Vice-Chairman: Vacant Secretary of Internal Affairs: Vacant Secretary of International Economic Affairs: Vacant Secretary of External Affairs: Vacant Secretary of Wars: Vacant Secretary of International Treasury: Vacant