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The Coalition of Cowards or Coward Coalition is a derisive term for the the alliances that cancelled binding defence treaties with the New Pacific Order immediately after the expansion of the Karma War, when the NPO was declared by numerous alliances on the Karma side. The Independent Republic of Orange Nations, the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance, the Old Guard, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the Grand Global Alliance, Valhalla, and The Phoenix Federation all announced in the same topic that they were cancelling their MADP level treaties with the New Pacific Order. Echelon also individually announced the cancellation of its respective MADP treaty with the NPO. After this move the term became popular as the event spiraled into what some considered a "PR nightmare" for the alliances involved in the treaty exodus. All of the alliances involved in this move later ended up joining the NPO's side of the war within a day or two after the initial cancellations.


The move was met with much protest and public backlash by alliances on both sides resulted in a near universal condemnation of their actions. Some even called for war and further punishment against them.

Treaties reactivated[]

The actions of the Coward Coalition have been perceived as a carefully planned ruse by some. However, many see this as doubtful, citing that their non-involvement only bolstered support for Karma and subsequent actions lacked the coordination initially displayed. Most agree that, regardless of whether or not it was planned, their actions have heavily damaged their reputations. Within days, most of the Coward Coalition turned around to declare war against the enemies of NPO. Most neutral observers consider this a move to save face and to prevent future political ostracization and victimization by the CyberNations community.

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