Coalition War
Date 08/07/2011 — 16/08/2011
Result Coalition victory
NSSDI NATO, Mobian Alliance and others
Not to be confused with the War of the Coalition, a global war that took place in 2008.

The Coalition War was a global military conflict which involved 7 nations, on the 16/08/2011, the Coalition achieved victory over NSSDI.

Ally Nations Edit

The Ally Nations (or Coalition) was a group of six independent states against NSSDI that tried to dominate 3 of the coalition nations. These were the Coalition nations:

  • Pifflesnit (Member of R&R)
  • Sidefield (Member of NATO)
  • Caicos (Member of Hell)

These three nations were attacked by NSSDI, these are the nations that declared war on NSSDI:

End of the war Edit

The war ended by expiration, but before the war expired, NSSDI was brought into anarchy, as all the coalition nations destroyed NSSDI's military forces, NSSDI was no longer a threat.

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