The Cloudites (also known as the People of the Clouds) are a number of closely related ethnic groups descended from a common ancestor. This is generally agreed to have been the Pethyr tribe in the region once known as the Sahara. The Cloudites have lived on a number of different planets throughout time, guided by the Cloudite Ancestor Spirit. The Cloudite cultural sphere is known as Greater Cloudshy

They are an industrious people of faith who, nevertheless, tend to disintegrate into warring tribes from time to time. As such, notable Cloudite governments are typically authoritarian, with all power vested in a central figure (who is usually a religious, or pseudo-religious leader). While Cloudite culture generally appears to be "insane" or extreme to outsiders, it varies greatly between the various Cloudite sub-groups:

Cloudites[edit | edit source]

The eponymous Cloudites, they are direct descendants of the ancient People of the Clouds from Pethyr. Originally composed of separate tribes, they were united by the founder of their modern nation of Cloudshy, Dragonshy. While outwardly Cloudshy appears to be a dictatorship revolving around Dragonshy's cult of personality, there are rumors that the state is internally divisive. Cloudshy is situated on Maghreb, Planet Bob.

Culture[edit | edit source]

Religion[edit | edit source]

The national religion of Cloudshy is The Love Ideology and is officially practiced by all Cloudites. In some rural areas, however, traditional voodoo rituals are still observed.

Education[edit | edit source]

The Cloudite education syllabus is not available to foreigners, although it is rumored to be strongly influenced by Dragonshy's personality cult.

Sports[edit | edit source]

Camel racing is popular traditional sport in Cloudshy, as is kite flying. The annual Mid-year Camel Races in the Love Stadium in Hearts Aflutter usually draws crowds from all over the country. A foreigner attempted to popularize pony riding, but made the fatal mistake of not realizing ponies are sacred animals in Cloudshy, and riding them is forbidden. Cloudshy has not participated in any international sports so far, but is open to invites.

Cuisine[edit | edit source]

Dates, goat, lamb, flat bread and rice are the traditional food of Cloudites. In Year 16, rabbit was proclaimed a national delicacy.

Music and Dance[edit | edit source]


Contemporary Gangnam dance of Cloudshy

Gangnam-style dances are popular throughout Cloudshy, which reflects the Cloudite equine-centered culture and contemporary views of an ideal lifestyle. Traditional dances and music generally run along the same influences and are accompanied with poems by local bards.

Organs[edit | edit source]

Inter-planetary colonists from Cloudshy who colonized Planet Terra, the Organs founded their own nation (The Organism) under a hive-mind government known as the Overmind Party. The Overmind Party was represented to the rest of the nation and the world by Envoy, founder of the nation. Organs are more militaristic and cohesive than the other Cloudites.

Neo-Cloudites[edit | edit source]

A blanket term applying to interplanetary Cloudite colonists, with exception of the now extinct Organs and the barbaric Red Cloudites.

Red Cloudites[edit | edit source]

Colonists from The Organism on Mars. Red Cloudites are generally violent, unfriendly and hate foreigners.

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