Note: Player characters are my in-game personas, while background RP characters are just additional characters created for purely roleplay purposes

CloudSpirit[edit | edit source]

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The Cloudite Ancestor Spirit (which is, well, me) who controls the actions of all the characters below and the Cloudite people. I am also the author of all Cloudite-related articles on the Cyber Nations and Project Terra wikis.

Dragonshy[edit | edit source]


Player character simulated in Cyber Nations and Cyber Nations Tournament Edition

Widely believed to be a magical pegasus, Dragonshy "Fluttershy" al-Pegasi was the supreme monarch of Cloudshy. She died in Year 44 of the Cloudite calendar and was posthumously named the permanent head of state by the Cloudite government.

Official titles: Eternal Princess of Cloudshy, Pegasus Empress, Protector of the Desert

Cyber Nations
Alliance Joined Left Positions Held Wars Fought
Green Protection Agency
20 February 2012 Replaced by Envoy Minister of Foreign Affairs
(1 December 2013—now)

Director of Communications
(1 March 2013—July 2013)

Director of the Academy
(1 September 2012—5 November 2012)
Creator of Project Pegasus

Response Corps
(November 2013—now)

Trade ring manager
(September 2012—now)
Creator of A Star, former co-manager of Trade Star

(September 2012—April 2013)

Ambassador to New Sith Order, LoSS and Mortal Wombat

Diplomat to New Polar Order, GOONS, Non Grata, Umbrella, The Order of the Paradox, New Pacific Order, World Task Force, Pax Corvus

Dragonshy is widely believed to be sponsoring the actions of The Frying Dehlia. The Frying Dehlia peaked at #1 in Tournament Edition, dropped in ranks after fighting 6 expert and well coordinated foes in the TPC war of Round 25, then went back up to a peak of #23, then back down again after fighting 6 expert warrior nations in the next war. Tired of the regulated life of an alliance soldier, the crew of the Frying Dehlia left War Doves and went back to plundering the seas in Round 26.

Cyber Nations Tournament Edition
Alliance Rounds Positions Held Wars Fought War Medals
War Doves 250.gif
War Doves
22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 28 Pioneer member
Round 22

Minister of Internal Affairs
Round 23
Author of War Doves charter

Awards Manager
Rounds 25-26

Triumvir of Defense
Round 26

WD-GLOF, WD-NLoN 1-3, WD-Catharsis, WD-BFF, WD-ODN, WD-Vexillodge/UPN, WD-TPC, WD - the rest of the world, WD/Misfits/RE - TPC, WD/OP/TPC-Warriors Silver Wing, War Feather, Bird of Prey, Armageddon, Pooper Power (6), Sacrificial Feather (2), Six Wings(2), Blood Feather, MockingBird

From War Doves Awards

The Frying Dehlia 26, 27 Captain TFD-War Doves, TFD-TEEN
War Doves 250.gif
War Doves
28 Media Officer
Round 28 onwards
WD-Warriors, WD-DoD Blood Wing, MockingBird Award

Angel Bunny[edit | edit source]

Angel Bunny

Background RP character simulated in Cyber Nations

Former General and Premier of Cloudshy. Angel "Bunny" al-Arnab was widely believed to be deceased after a helicopter accident in Year 16. However, in Year 40, he suddenly reappeared and took the office of the Vizier following an "internal election". Anonymous sources reveal that this may be in fact a coup deposing the previous Hoof, Mystique. He is usually referred to as General Angel.

Following Dragonshy's death in Year 44, General Angel became the effective ruler of Cloudshy. However, he was ousted in another coup in Year 47 by Envoy. Angel is now living in exile on the Isle of Wights.

The Captain[edit | edit source]

Background RP character simulated in Cyber Nations Tournament Edition

The unnamed captain of the Frying Dehlia. The Captain is a Dehlian fugitive on the high seas and is rumored to be a privateer for Princess Dragonshy. After Dragonshy's death, the Frying Dehlia disappeared, and her captain along with it.

Envoy[edit | edit source]

"Envoy" is the official name of the rulers of several Cloudite nations.

Player character simulated in Project Terra

A former militia-man, he became the Mouth of the collective minds of the Overmind Party, which ruled over the militaristic nation of The Organism.

Alliance Joined Left Positions Held Wars Fought Medals
Flag of LoSS.jpg
League of Small Superpowers
June 2012 Senator
(June 2012—July 2012)

(July 2012—August 2012)

Minister of Finance
(August 2012—August 2012)

Permanent Advisor
(August 2012—now)

Diplomat to FAN
(July 2012—August 2012)

Diplomat to United Nations of Terra
(July 2012—August 2012)

Raider, recruiter, guide author and unofficial mentor to new nations
(June 2012—August 2012)

LoSS-TFE-BCOM vs TG-SK war Guide Creator, IRC Communicator, Spammer, Job, Minister, Coalition War, LoSS Purple Heart, Distinguished Service and Soldier Awards

Player character simulated in Martian Empires

Envoy of Red Cloudshy is a complete jackass. Peak rank 5th. Sent 8 colonies to zero mines. Been sent to zero mines thrice.

Alliance Joined Left Positions Held Wars Fought
Bella Grata
December 2012 Diplomat
(April 2013—now)

(August 2013—September 2013)

(September 2013—end of Mars)

BG-rest of the world
BG civil war

Player character simulated in Politics and War

Alliance Joined Left Positions Held Wars Fought
Sith Empire December 2013 Massassi Diplomat
(December 2013—now)

Player character simulated in Cyber Nations

Envoy became the de-facto ruler of Cloudshy as Vizier after ousting his predecessor in a coup.

Alliance Joined Left Positions Held Wars Fought
Green Protection Agency
Replaced Dragonshy President
(June 2014—August 2014)

Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs
(June 2014—now)

Ambassador to Non Grata, Sengoku and Dark Templar
(June 2014—now)

Response Corps
(June 2014—now)

Trade ring manager
(June 2014—now)

Wiki media officer
(June 2014—now)

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