Citrus Exchange
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Independent Republic of Orange Nations

The Order of the Paradox
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The Independent Republic of Orange Nations and The Order of the Paradox consider the AA "Citrus Exchange" under their protection.

All nations who wish to move to the above AA must agree to the following Conditions in order to receive the protection available:


  • 1) The prospective nation must change their Alliance Affiliation to Citrus Exchange
  • 2) The protected nation will lose the afforded protection by getting involved in any aggressive actions whatsoever.
  • 3) In return for entering into this agreement, the protected nations will be afforded protection from tech raids.
  • 4) Protected nations agree to commit the majority of their slots (3 slots for nations with 5 slots, 4 for nations with 6 slots) to the protecting alliances. They may use the remaining slots at their own discretion.
  • 5) The protected nation is free to leave or enter the AA at any time, providing the above conditions are met and that nation has no outstanding obligations to the Protecting Alliances.


Signed for The Order of the ParadoxEdit

  • Grandmaster: Jenko
  • Grand Chancellor: Timberland
  • Grand Hospitaller: SkyGreenChick
  • Grand Treasurer: Casey

Signed for Independent Republic Of Orange NationsEdit

  • McRabt, President of IRON
  • notadolfhitler, Council Member, Secretary of State
  • cristoir, Council Member, Deputy Secretary of State
  • Rand0m Her0, Council Member, Minister of Defense
  • Theophilos, Council Member, Minister of Internal Affairs
  • bcndwilsn, Council Member, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs
  • Matt Miller, Council Member, Minister of The IRON Vault
  • Queltocz, Council Member, Deputy Minister of The IRON Vault


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