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Chuvashia (Finn. Supasi, Chuv. Lat. Chŏvash En) is a Uralican county, presently the southernmost in Uralica, located in the southwest of Uralica. It borders on Mari El to the north and Mordoviya to the southwest, and the Uralican border runs along most of the east and much of the northwest.


Flag of Chuvashia.

As its name would imply, the Chuvash people are the majority in the region, and it took a two-week-long conference in the now-county seat of Cheboksary to hammer out the details of the integration of these people into Uralica. Upon official annexation on 1 October, Cheboksary was touted for a future campus of Uralikan Yliopisto and the Chuvash people were given their own Tribe within Uralica's Neo-Tribalist system.

Around 55% of the population of Chuvashia lives in Cheboksary. The flag of Chuvashia UA is the same as the historical autonomous republic within Old Russia.

Important Cities and Towns[]

  • Cheboksary (Chuv. Shupashkar)
  • Kanash
  • Ulator (Chuv. Ulatŏr, Russ. Алатыр)
  • Shumerlya (Chuv. Śėmėrle)
  • Tsivilsk (Chuv. Śėrnü)
  • Sėntėrvŏrri (form. Mariinsky Posad)
  • Kozlovka (Chuv. Kuslavkka)
  • Etėrne (Russ. Ядрин)
  • Kükeś (form. Kugesi)