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Chron is the leader of the nation Chronosteptan, and is a fairly old and esteemed member of the New Pacific Order. He has been with the Order since the middle of the First Polar War, in which the order utterly wiped out the NAAC.

During his time within the NPO, he has acted as a general miscreant, tactician, War Councilor, soldier. Also graduating from the Pacifican Institute of Text wall throwing, he is an opponent few are able to survive against.

Being Chased from his Home of Pacifica long ago, he has returned to bear witness to its final moments. And Pray that a cleansing fire can release his beloved Body Republic from the clutches of those who dragged it down.

Now, a Member of the New Sith Order under the Dark Lord Ivan Moldavi, he has returned as the formidable Darth Shredda.

And shall tear down all who would become his enemies, even those he once knew as comrades.

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