Christmas War
Date 24 December 2008—

Major hostilities ended on 28 December 2008

Casus belli UNSC spying on JAMA
Result Alliances independently make peace
Preceded by
Power War
Succeeded by
Warsaw Micro Coalition
Socialist People's Army
United Socialist Alliance
United Socialist Alliance War
Union of Democratic Communist States
Global Defense Initiative
Confederacy of Blue Nations
United Nations Space Command
Nations: 81
Nation Strength: 421,418
Nukes: 17
Score: 2.14
Nations: 17
Nation Strength: 67,519
Nukes: 0
Score: 0.41

The Christmas War was a conflict between the Warsaw Micro Coalition (WMC) - consisting of the Socialist People's Army, the United Socialist Alliance, the Union of Democratic Communist States, the Jamahiriya, the Global Defense Initiative, and the Confederacy of Blue Nations - and the United Nations Space Command.

The goal of the WMC was to force the UNSC to admit to wrongdoing in alleged espionage operations against the Jamahiriya earlier in the year. Although evidence was provided that espionage had taken place, controversy arose regarding the Socialist People's Army's use of information provided by a former UNSC government member to gather the evidence, with some believing SPA was guilty of counter-spying on UNSC, while others believing the actions taken by SPA justified. The general reaction to the war across the Cyberverse was that many thought that the war was unnecessary.

Although JAMA and UDCS are still technically at war with UNSC, and therefore the war is still ongoing, the vast majority of hostilities ended on or before 28 December 2008.

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