Christian Sport, Inc. is a sporting goods and textile producer that was founded in Pazhga, Uralica, which is where its headquarters still resides. Its aim is "to provide quality service and product for fair prices, while bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world."

Christian Sport is the main jersey-maker for the Uralikan Jalkapalloliiga, the Uralican Ice Hockey League, the Uralican Basketball League, and the Uralican Rugby Sevens Association, and is in the process of working a deal out with the Uralican Handball League. It also provides winter wear for the Uralican Nordic Skiing Championships, although the skis and poles are largely manufactured by Magyar Independent.

Products[edit | edit source]

Although Christian Sport is largely a retail company, it also produces much of its own stock.

  • hockey sticks
  • hockey pucks
  • hockey/bandy padding
  • hockey/bandy jerseys
  • footballs (soccer balls, that is)
  • rugby footballs
  • football (soccer)/rugby cleats
  • football (soccer)/rugby jerseys
  • football goalkeeper gloves
  • track shorts
  • ski gear (except for skis and poles)
  • basketball jerseys
  • snap pants
  • dumbells
  • generic soccer-style jerseys

Other Notes[edit | edit source]

It should also be noted that Christian Sport dedicates 10% of its earnings to Christian missions, but also, that it is very active in sponsoring sport leagues in Uralica. In the 2010 Uralican football (soccer) season, it will be the primary sponsor of the Ykkönen and the Uralican Bandyliga, as well as joint primary sponsor of the CS-Bolak Uralican Nordic Skiing Championships.

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