Christian Democrats of Disparu
Chrétiens-démocrates du Disparu
Disparu Christian Democrats
Founded15 May 2012
IdeologyChristian democracy
Centrist Democrat International
Fiscal positionCentre-left
Social positionCentre-right
LeaderRobert Létourneau
Official colors      Green
Seats in the
- National Assembly

37 / 250
Coat of Arms of Disparu.png.png

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The Christian Democrats of Disparu (French: Chrétiens-démocrates du Disparu) are a political party in Disparu. They are currently led by Robert Létourneau. The Christian Democrats currently hold 37 seats in the National Assembly.


Prior to the Second Quiet Revolution, the party was banned from participating in elections by the Supreme Court due to accusations of the party violating the separation of church and state entrenched in the Constitution (and, later, the Basic Laws). However, it vigorously campaigned against the ruling, and petitioned many prominent individuals and Government officials to revoke the ruling.

On 14 May 2012, the National Tribunal, after weeks of trials and debate, lifted the ban on the Christian Democrats (and the re-established Supreme Court would later affirm the ruling). The party officially formed on the next day.


The party's official ideology is Christian democracy. The party mainly supports the social teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, although it also supports other Christian churches as well. Despite this, the party supports an individual's freedom of religion.

Socially, the Christian Democrats are on the centre-right of the political spectrum, as they oppose abortion, same-sex marriage and secularization. They seek to re-establish the Roman Catholic Church as an integral part of Disparuean society, and have condemned the closure of Catholic schools following the Second Quiet Revolution. However, as the party supports social justice, the party supports human rights, supports immigration and refugees, opposes wars, and places a strong emphasis on the community.

In contrast, the Christian Democrats are fiscally on the centre-left, due to their support of the concept of social justice. As such, they support the Disparuean welfare state, and support the strengthening of welfare programs and the establishment of universal health care in Disparu (albeit with involvement from the Church). The party supports increased labor rights and stricter regulations on corporations and banks.

Even though many of the Christian Democrats' fiscal policies agree with the Social Democrats' policies, the Christian Democrats' opposition to Communism has resulted in their refusal to support the Social Democrats. As a result, the Christian Democrats has allied itself with the Conservatives, the only other elected party in Disparu with policies similar to that of the Christian Democrats.

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