The Rogue War was the first time the CCC actively engaged in war as a whole. There had been random attacks on members before, but they had always been resolved diplomatically.

The war official started on September 7, 2006 with a Declaration of War being passed in the Church Body, although many attacks against CCC members had started earlier in the week.

The attacking nations where:

1. wiseland

2. Zabetha

3. land of clowns

4. Eterna

The nation land of clowns was utterly destroyed during the conflict. It is unknown whether he destroyed his own nation or if he was removed because of his insults to Admin. The other three nations have been dealt heavy blows to their nation strengths. All of them had lost at least 100 in nation strength if not more.

The nations of the CCC who actively fought in the conflict:

1. Argait

2. Senturia

3. Tataverica

4. Holy American Empire

5. Oval Office

Many of the nations listed above engaged more than one enemy, and most of the Rouges had to face more than one CCC member at a time, this was one of the major components that lead to a CCC victory in the war. Those CCC nations not listed where the ones that provided vast sums of aid to their fighting brethren, without them, this war would have turned out far differently.

The war officially ended on 9-18-06 as the three surviving attackers slipped out of range of all CCC members.

The CCC government is currently in the process of designing campaign ribbons for those who were involved in the conflict.

The CCC military is currently reviewing several pictures taken by it's battlefield cameramen, once the review is complete many of the pictures captured by these brave soldiers will be made available to the public.

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