Motto: "All things eventually lead to Spam" ~ Chinchilla330
Joined CN: 7/8/2009
Nation: Chartara
Current Alliance: Mostly Harmless Alliance
Current Positions: Secretary of Recruitment (MHA), Recruiter (MHA), Recruiter (DoW), Interviewer (MHA)
Alliance History: MHA: 10/6/2009 - Present

USN: 7/8/2009 - 10/6/2009

Previous Positions: USN: Deputy Minister of Recruitment

Founder of ChataraEdit

Chinchilla330 Founded the nation of Chatara on 7/8/2009 at 2:01:09 AM. Chartara's resources are Spices and Water.

Member of USNEdit

Shortly after creating her nation, Chinchilla330 decided to join an alliance, that of USN. During her time in USN she contributed to their discussions and even rose to the cause of becoming a Deputy Minister.

Deputy Minister of RecruitmentEdit

During Chinchilla330's time in USN she became Deputy of Recruitment, helping to lead USN's Recruitment and contributing many messages and hours to the cause of recruiting for USN.

Joining MHAEdit

After a while in USN, Chinchilla Decided to find a new home, and quickly became a member of the Mostly Harmless Alliance, where she decided to use her natural skill of recruiting for the benefit of the alliance.


Before long, Chinchilla was appointed to a position as a Recruiter of the Mostly Harmless Alliance as part of the Ministry of Bad Poetry. She has since, like her time in USN, sent many messages over the course of many hours for the cause of recruiting nations to the Mostly Harmless Alliance.

Joining DoWEdit

Upon the creation of the Dogs of War within the MHA, Chinchilla decided to join, after joining she decided to benefit the group by again using her skills in recruitment, she was quickly appointed as a recruiter for DoW.


While at the MHA, Chinchilla330 looked into becoming an interviewer. She decided to get the job after talking to Diablofan about what the job entailed, she then got the job after talking to Niu Garzukk about obtaining the job. After she got the job, she got a bit of training and started working on applications. She now works on the complete process of dealing with new members, from Recruitment to Application to Academy Graduation.

Secretary of RecruitmentEdit

After Recruiting for the allaince long enough to prove herself and her great recruiting skills, Chinchilla330 was appointed to be Secretary of Recruitment. As Secretary she has spent much time Recruiting and making sure the Recruitment process has been at it's best.

Avid Alliance SpammerEdit

Chinchilla330 is an active participant in the Spam threads on the Mostly Harmless Alliance Forums, raking up thousands of posts, and entertaining people for countless hours.

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