Who is he[edit | edit source]

- Some say he’s the wittiest man alive, some say he has more money then sense, some says he’s a genius, some say he’s just plain crazy but one thing is sure……he was obviously a very disturbed child , but who is the crazy critter I hear you ask, The legendary Chillax with Max is the ruler of Maxville, a large nation and the strongest nation within the TAGA alliance currently. Where did it all begin?, after being told of cybernations by one of his many cronies he joined the game as a rogue with 2 nations, but after the crack down on multi nationing he was quickly struck down. However he was not phased, and he rejoined a few weeks later with a single account Maxville.

== The Consortium: ==   

Chillax with Max shortly after become President Chillax with Max of The Consortium alliance, and quickly founded himself as a major political figure in the Cyberverse, with having far more clout then his alliance size would have you believe. He quickly made enemies with the NPO and The Legion due to his no nonsense approach to speaking his mind. Love him or hate him, he most certainly a character. The Consortium recruited and began to sign many NAP’s and grew fast, but as the economic crash from the great wars took it‘s tolls, The Consortium was looking weak. Chillax then had a marvellous idea, one to change his name forever. He aimed to unit is colour which was purple, with the Purple Power Pact and dubbed the PPP. He signed it with TAGA alliance and offered to The Legion, the only two other purple alliances at this point in time, but spying allegations ruined The Legions relationship with The Consortium and now they refuse to speak. Chillax stood up and defended his comrade and paid the price of destruction of communication between these alliances.

Max’x’s Move to Maroon[edit | edit source]

After no hope being left in purple a colour which is close to Max’x, he set sail for maroon on a voyage to the senate where he may better his colour and gain the prestige he craved. On his travels he met the delights of maroon including old allies TAGA. Tulak Hord the TAGA leader offered many mergers and The Consortium was on the tips of ever TAGA’S tongue, but yet they remained independent.

The Merger[edit | edit source]

After a bout of depression with his alliance, Max’x lost hope in The Consortium, with low member counts, many members being inactive and no chance of senate. He took up Tulak’s offer of a merger however this was no normal merger, it was one of great importance and gain for both. The Consortium become the super efficient military division of TAGA, with Chillax with Max becoming the now feared Field Marshal Max’x. With him readopting the name of Max’x he now made TAGA’s military one to be feared with praise of his work throughout TAGA, as he offers his thanks to TAGA for their warm welcome. He hired many staff including his old Consortium members Mojo882 and Agent101. He now is the highest ranked military official in TAGA, and has his finger on the button along with Tulak to destroy anyone who dare mess with the best.

Current Times[edit | edit source]

As Maxville approaches 6,000 nation strength, Max’x resides in TAGA, defending his alliance along with his 9 military staff he commands. He awaits the war which will make him famous and strives for senate positions and TAGA medals as he knows he can make maroon and TAGA the best.

The name of Max’x[edit | edit source]

After 10th grade history and a bout of American civil rights, this British aristocrat came across Malcolm’X the famous civil rights activist and being Field Marshal Max’x’s father is named Malcolm he adopted the extra x as his trademark symbol. So whenever you see an extra x, beware……Currently many years have past since he adopted that X and he now enjoys drinking scotch and crooning swing music especially Frank Sinatra, he enjoys to sing in Jazz clubs and drinks and sings whilst creating genius military plans for The Consortium and TAGA with one day….hope of the recognition he craves.

Fav Quotes[edit | edit source]

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away

We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails

Things sold my the gram are more exciting then things sold by the lbs

Life is like a roll of toilet paper, the nearer it gets to the end, the quicker it goes

Love you Katty (((muahhh))) baby




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