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Chief of General Staff of the Imperial Dominion of Prussia
Coat of Arms of the Prussian Empire
Alfred von Schliefen

since March 27th 2009
ResidencePalace of Quarthe
Term lengthLife
FormationMarch 27th 2009

The Chief of General Staff of the Prussian Empire is the Head of State of the Imperial Dominion of Prussia. Given by appointment directly by the Kaiser, it is the highest office achievable by a citizen of Prussia.

According to the Charter of Prussia:

  • The Chief of General Staff has absolute power over all aspects of the nation, including government, economy, and military. He has the power to appoint and remove Ministers, Senators, and House Representatives. He has the power to suspend and reactivate all government and private organizations within the nation, including the Emergency Procedure Organization, the government military agency. He has the power to deny any person access to the nation, and to restrict the movement of Prussian Citizens who desire to move outside of the country. He has the power and authority to override any decision made by a government member or organization, and any decision made by the Imperial Military. He has sole authority over the economy, and all businesses must be permitted to run by him. The Chief of General Staff is the sovereign leader of the Dominion, and answers only to the Monarch, Kaiser Frederick II.

The Chief of General Staff resides in the Palace of Quarthe, located in the eastern district of the city of Quarthe. All administrative decisions are made there.

The Palace of Quarthe
The Palace of Quarthe.

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