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Cherepovets (Finn. Terepovetsi) is a major Uralican city located in the west of the country, and is one of eight Uralican cities possessing its own unitary authority. It sits at the "mouth" of the Sheksna River, which drains into the Rybinskoye Reservoir, which in turn is drained by the Volga River.

It is a very important city for several reasons. First of all, it has a long history of metallurgy industry, which, through companies like Bolak Corp., Magyar Independent and NeoSeverstal, has made Cherepovets one of the principal smelting cities in Uralica. Secondly, it is a major retail hub due to its location close to Uralica's southwestern border, and its general size. There are of course other industries in Cherepovets. In particular, manufacturing of several different types of consumer goods takes place in the city.

It sits to the immediate south of Highway UH-3, which is a very important trade route.


The New Cherepovets Bridge.


Cherepovets UA

Cherepovets city and UA flag.

Although the name of the city is rumoured (disputedly so) to be Veps in origin, the vast majority of the population is Russian (roughly 80%), with more of the Livonian population of Uralica either living in nearby Vologda. The largest minority is Estonian, with smaller groups of Karelians and Finns as well.

However, the city is much like Vologda in that it is quite modern in terms of architecture, style, and atmosphere, with a few instances of classical Russian architecture. The most obvious example of the latter is the Church of the Nativity. In terms of modern architecture, the New Cherepovets Bridge, constructed in 2007, is probably the most striking landmark.


Football (soccer)[]


  • SeverStal Cherepovets


  • Mashinostroitel Cherepovets
  • Sheksna Cherepovets


  • Dinamo Cherepovets
  • Spartak Cherepovets
  • Torpedo Cherepovets

Other Pro/Semi-Pro[]

  • FK Cherepovets
  • Cherepovets City
  • Zenit Cherepovets
  • MFK Cherepovets
  • Finnsky Klub Cherepovets
  • Veps FK Cherepovets
  • FK Novy Ugly
  • Progress Cherepovets
  • Transit Cherepovets
  • Metallurg Cherepovets
  • Promyshlennik Cherepovets

Ice Hockey[]

  • HK Severstal


  • Cherepovetsky RMS


  • Severstal Bandyklub


  • BK Sheksna Cherepovets

Cross-Country Skiing[]

  • Cherepovets Skiklub - no biathlon

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs[]

  • Bogoslovo
  • Borok
  • Radugo
  • Yakonskoye
  • Shilovka
  • Andogsky
  • Batransky
  • Bogorodskoye
  • Ugly
  • Novy Ugly