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Age of the Divine Bovine
Official Flag of Janantheria

National Flag
Established 6/16/2009
(5,516 days old)
Nation Team Team: Red Red


Charles de Lafayette founded a nation before his current one. He was previously a member of The Dark Evolution, but disagreed with their policies and wished to be closer to a RL friend he had in Pacifica. With that, he applied for Pacifica on May 9, and after a waiting period he was accepted and successfully completed the academy.

New Pacific Order[]

After joining, Charles took a look around him and decided to join the tech corps. Being a procurer, he buys tech at cheap prices and sends it to buyers who are generally older nations, and tech costs much more at their level.

One other job he took an interest in was the diplomatic corps. His application into the Diplomatic Corp was successful he was allowed to work as a Political Analyst by DarkMistress, watching over the foreign relations of various spheres. For great diligence and effort in his work, Charles was promoted to Diplomatic Consul for Aqua Team/Purple Team.

Charles has been fighting one major war for the NPO since he joined, that of the Great Patriotic War II.

Charles then left the NPO and rejoined, and since then has done awesome things with awesome people. Hates Caladin.