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Christian Service
Agency overview
Formed 2009
Preceding Agency Pennies From Heaven Bank
Employees 103
Minister Responsible lilweirdward, MoIA
Agency Executive Les Paul Supreme, DoE
Child Agencies Pay It Forward Charity
HOPE Scholarship
(members only)

Charities and Christianity[]

Throughout the history of Christianity, Christians have been called to serve each other to further the progress of Christianity. This calling extends to the world of Cyber Nations. Several organized and unorganized charities have been formed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and members of the Christian Coalition of Countries in order to promote the growth and prosperity of the membership of the Christian Coalition of Countries. Christ called Christian's everywhere to give to "the least of these." Whether you interpret this to mean the poor or the youth, both are aided by the charities found within the Christian Coalition of Countries.

Charities within the CCC[]

Pay It Forward Charity[]

The program was the reorganized Pennies From Heaven Bank, developed by KeyStroke. The program requires recipients NS to be below the average of the CCC NS average. Several large nations provide the back bone of the charity.

The original founder and leader was KeyStroke. The current leader is Les Paul Supreme.

HOPE Scholarship[]

Though officially under the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the HOPE Scholarship operates independently from Government regulations and management. It is a program to increase involvement from real life friends, family, and others we know. The program offers educational benefits and monetary rewards up to 1 Million CN (Non-Renewable).

The program was developed and enacted by buzzboygt of the nation of Eagles Landing. The first recipient was THESkeletor33 of Nations of Bohica

Private Charity[]

Several members of the alliance randomly give Tech, Infrastructure, Money, and Soldiers to nation at war, peace, and newly formed. The practice is common in the CCC and dates back to the founder, Curtis Martin, giving money to new nations that joined the CCC.

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