Chancellor of the Prussian Empire
Kanzler der Reichsgründung
Liese Weisemann

since 1 April 2009
AppointerAlfred von Schliefen
Formation1 April 2009

The Chancellor of the Prussian Empire (German: Kanzler der Reichsgründung) is one of the Imperial Dominion of Prussia's Heads of State.

According to the Charter of the Empire, the position of Chancellor is appointed by the Chief of General Staff of the Dominion. The Chancellor is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Dominion, and for administrating the Imperial Governors of the Districts of the Dominion. On the death of the Chief of General Staff, The Chancellor will serve in the position until such a time as the Emperor appoints a new Chief of General Staff. The position was created by Alfred von Schliefen on April 1, 2009.

The current Chancellor, Liese Wiesemann, was chosen for her administrative work in the Imperialist Faction during the Tenarran Civil War, as well as her work as Minister of State of the Kingdom of Tenarra.

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