Chancellor of Vanivere
Chancelier du Vanivére
Insignia of the Chancellor of Vanivere
Jeffrey Forrester
Jeffrey Forrester

since September 30, 2796
StyleHis Excellency
ResidencePalais de la Montagne
Châtillon, Coruvel, Vanivere
Term lengthSix years
Inaugural holderJacques-Philippe Sarkozy
FormationJanuary 15, 2493
DeputyVice Chancellor

The Chancellor of the Vaniveran Empire (French: Chancelier de l'Empire Vaurenérien), or simply, the Chancellor of Vanivere, is the head of government within the Vaniveran Empire. The Chancellor is democratically elected by the Vaniveran populace from among the leading members of the Imperial Government. The Chancellor also serves as President of the Senate and may, if he or she chooses, appoint a Vice Chancellor. As President of the Senate, the Chancellor of Vanivere holds the position of First Consul of the Council of State.

The Chancellor has the power to suspend other members of the Council of State, and to allocate posts in the Government. With the Emperor's approval, the Chancellor has the power to veto laws passed by the Parliament of Vanivere. At the request of the Emperor of Vanivere, the Chancellor may dissolve Parliament and may or may not institute a new ruling body. The Chancellor's power is checked by the Members of Parliament and appoints Justices to the Supreme Court of Justice.

According to the current Constitution of the Vaniveran Empire, the Chancellor of Vanivere is second-in-command of the Vaniveran Imperial Defence Forces under the Emperor of Vanivere.

The official residence of the Chancellor is called the Chancery, located in the Palais de la Montagne, Châtillon. The current Chancellor is Jeffrey Forrester of the Vaniveran People's Party. Chancellor Forrester has been in office since September 30, 2796, replacing former Chancellor Pierre-Henri Picard.

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