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This alliance merged to become part of Valhalla.

Merger occurred on/around June 19, 2011
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Cerberus Official Flag

Cerberus Official Flag
Team Color Purple team Purple
Founder(s) The Illusive Man, DeScepter, Degenerate108, Manfred
Founded February 24, 2010
Cerberus Commanders
  • Cliodna
  • masonb
  • Momonishiki
  • TBA - Recruitment Division
  • Laomedon - Economics Division
  • Cygnus - Defense Division
  • TBA - Foreign Division
International relations
  • Protector: Valhalla
link= Statistics as of July 14, 2010
Total Nations 19
30-day net gain
Avg. Strength 21,008
Nukes 80
Score 1.60
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Cerberus is lead by The Illusive Man, three Commanders, and the Division Directors.

The Illusive Man[]

The Illusive Man is the supreme leader of Cerberus and has final authority over all matters. He defers the day-to-day operations of Cerberus to the Commanders.


The three Commanders oversee the day to day operations of Cerberus and handles all Foreign Affair matters. The Commanders are also responsible for all IRC channels both public and private operating under the Cerberus Network banner and will have absolute administrative control over the forums.


Directors will be responsible for their individual divisions and the functioning of such. Each Director can be subject to review it if's deemed by the Commanders that their ministry has fallen into disrepair. Directors have full control of the daily operations of their respective divisions. However, the Commanders reserve the power to reverse any decision a Director makes if it is deemed detrimental.

General Membership[]

General Membership consists of Agents.


Any nations seeking admission must not be engaged in any conflicts with other nations. Also the nation is not permitted to be apart of another alliance.


Agents of the Cerberus Network: The bulk of Cerberus is formed by the Agents. The Agents may be comprised of the newest members of Cerberus and those who are not regularly or frequently active on the forums.

War & Tech Raiding[]


Any attack on an Agent's nation will be treated as an attack on the entire alliance. This attack will be responded to with a declaration of war upon the offender. Reconstruction aid for the defender will be secured by the DoDD.

Tech Raiding[]

The Cerberus government does not condone Tech Raiding. Any Agent who chooses to do so does it at their own risk.

Current Government[]

  • The Illusive Man


  • Momonishiki, Cerberus Commander
  • masonb, Cerberus Commander
  • Cliodna, Cerberus Commander


  • TBA - Director of Recruitment Division
  • Laomedon - Director of Economics Division
  • Cygnus - Director of Defense Division
  • TBA - Director of Foreign Division

History of Cerberian Treaties[]

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