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Centralist Party
Zentralistische Partei
CP Logo
Founded1st September 2009
Political positionCentre
DirectorAugust Von Mackensen
Seats in the
- Reichstag

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The Centralist Party, more commonly known as the Centralists or CP are a political party in the German Empire lying in the Centre of the political spectrum. Founded in September 2009, they has been since then, the major opposition party in the Reichstag. They recently ran a failed election campaign in October 2009, where it lost the two seats it had gained in the last Reichstag election.

The Centralist Party supports a balanced mix between the Government, Reichstag, and finally the people. It does not seek to improve the powers of the Emperor as much as it seeks to improve the voice of the people or Reichstag. The parties founder, August Von Mackensen, has been Director since September 2009, however the Centralist Party was banned along with all other parties in the German Empire in late 2009.

The Centralist Party does not play any part, nor is it active, in The German Empire