Central Uralica (Russ. Центральная Уралика, Finn. Keskiuralikka) is a Uralican county, which is the third-largest county after Northwest Uralica and Permski Rayon. Although Vuktyl is its largest settlement, its county seat is actually Öskölömi. It borders on Komiland to the southwest, Northwest Uralica to the northwest, Pechora to the north and northeast, Permski Rayon to the south, and has a very short border with East Uralica to its southeast. It also surrounds the east side of Ukhta-Sosnogorsk UA and has a fairly lengthy border with Yugra (the Khanty-Mansi homeland).

Like many of the northern counties, it is very thinly populated, although it has experienced a population boom of late, particularly in Vuktyl and Troitsko-Pechorsk.

Important Cities and Towns[edit | edit source]

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