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Cellestian Royal House
TitlesKing, Queen, Prince, Princess, Duke or Dukess, Protector
FounderKing Charles I of Cellestia
in July 30th, 2009
Current headKing Charles I of Cellestia
EthnicityWhite European, Caucasian, Aryan

The Cellestian Royal House is the Royal House of Cellestia and the home of its Royal Family, was constructed on 15 July 2009, and officialy inaugurated on 30 July 2009 with the foundation of the country, the principal title is the King, who is the absolute head of state, the Royal Family is a branch of the Bullrich-Iturraspe Family, the Founder Charles borned in Argentina, in 1988, and with the help of thousands of people, leading and heading the Global Aristocratic Movement, founded the Kingdom of Cellestia in 2009.


There are six different Noble titles in the Royal Cellestian Families:

-King The Head of state, hereditary, exercises absolute and supreme control of the cuntry.

-Queen The Spouse of the King, has limited power, given officialy after a Christian Wedding.

-Prince Son of the Royal Family, hereditary, limited power, the title of king is given when its predesessor dies, the new King is choosen by the current one, and must be specified in the Testament, the title of Prince is given officialy after a Christian Bautism.

-Princess Either daughter of the Royal Family, or spouse of a Prince, hereditary, limited power, the title is given after a Christian Bautism or Wedding, respectively.

-Duke or Dukess Belonging to a Noble family, hereditary, descendent of a Founder or Ilustrate Family, minor power, but honorific title respected by everyone, given after a Christian Bautism.

-Protector Head of a soverign Protectorate of the country, either hereditary or choosen by the King, at this time, Cellestia has no protectorates.