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Cellestian Dialect
Pronunciation Szeh-lless-d'hen
Spoken in Cellestia
Official in Cellestia
Total Speakers 156
Language Family Romantic, Germanic
Script Latin
Regulated by Cellestia

"Gampz drek lamp trwyrers avs nomp lrecks ment foliger umpx nant gretingens lerp nas drehden frox lat mump noringen ampyr vaxis tempelator fend unster." Love poem, by Cristopher Everart-Vlets, knowed Cellestian writter.

The Cellestian Dialect is a lingual phenomenom formed by German and French speakers in Cellestia, its very popular in the north-east area of the country, is spoken aproximatedly by the 12% of the population, and its also teached in the school of the zone.


English French Cellestian
Apple Pomme Pomme
Arm Bras Brasse
Arrow Flèche Frecielle
Bed Lit Lietca
Black Noir Niègher
Book Livre Liber
January Janvier Janvyi
Cellestian Cellestais Cellestiyen


In the middle age, when German and French inhabitants meet in Cellestia, they founded a friendly area, and lived each other in the same cities, after, they founded the Saint Jerome/Sant Jerom Province. Graduatly, their languages adapted between the provincian speakers and a new dialect was created.