"Cellardooria is a small nation run by the elite producers of the country. "
Established November 13, 2009
(3,726 days old)
Alliance Ninjaflag
Basketball Ninjas
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Nation Team Green team Green


Director of Team Security
Assumed office
September 2, 2010
Preceded by bulley


In November 2009, Cellardooria was founded by Cellardoor, who became a member of the BN Academy. On January 31, 2010, CellarDoor became part of a seven man group to meet the requirements needed for a call up to the Basketball Ninjas Roster.

In early September 2010, Cellardoor was named the Assistant Minister of Military for the basketball Ninjas.

The Basketball NinjasEdit

Main article: Basketball Ninjas

The Basketball Ninjas are a small, peaceful, invitation only organisation of basketball playing nations founded by Jack Shepard and Hannah Montana. The players chiefly wear Green. The 'Ninja' is the recognised team mascot of the Basketball Ninjas organisation. The Basketball Ninjas are a peaceful organisation who prepares themselves to counter offensive plays from opposing players.

The BN AcademyEdit

Main article: BN Academy

The BN Academy is the developmental team of the Basketball Ninjas founded by the Basketball Ninjas front office. Template:Persondata

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