Viceroy of the Random Insanity Alliance
Czech Republic

Flag of korinekia

cctsmp13 is the ruler of korinekia, a floating nation of beautiful women and giant kitty-cats which has dedicated itself to the ideals of Randomness and Insanity. He was the Head of Economics of the Random Insanity Alliance for a total of a year throughout the alliance's history. He is considered one of the best Head of Economics the alliance ever had and upon his retirement was given the honorary title of Viceroy alongside government advisor status.


cctmsp13 joined the RIA on January 7, 2007. He remained a regular member of the RIA for several months until he decided to run for Head of Economics in the July 2007 elections. He defeated the Taladrea gaining 60% of the votes. He was re-elected the following month with 67.57% against Invincible13matt. He, however, chose not to re-run in the following month. He ran once again in the November Cabinet for the newly re-named Head of Commerce position with the introduction of the Third ConstRItution and won with 55.10% against SuperTwigs1013. In the following month he announced he would re-run but eventually pulled out of the election shortly into it, giving Grand Poobah Marx an automatic victory. He did not seek election again until the October 2008 elections when he ran for Head of Economics (formerly Head of Commerce) whereas he was elected automatically as no one ran against him. He is also known as the Stats Guy of the RIA as he has recorded most of the daily stats of the RIA since July 4, 2007, seen as the Growth of the Random Insanity Alliance. In the November 2008 elections he decided to take a change of pace and instead ran for the Head of Internal Affairs position instead of Head of Economics, running against King_Srqt. Two months later in the elections at the end of January, cct decided to once again return to the Head of Economics position and won the election unopposed. cct remaind the Head of Economics, consistently getting re-elected, usually unoppossed, throughout all of 2009 and also into 2010. He still remains the Head of Economics to this day. In the January 2010 elections cct decided to run for every position, instead of just Head of Economics. While he once again easily won re-election for Head of Economics he also was involved in a three-way tie for first place in the Captain Planet elections. Due to this he became Captain Planet during the months of February and March 2010 alongside King Death II and Zitan XLII.


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