Caustic's Balls of IRON
Part of the End Times
Date July 13th - Present
Casus belli IRON-NG Relations During and Prior to Disorder War
Status Ongoing
Preceded by
Cowboys-GPA/FAN War
Succeeded by
Harmless Civil War
Linked and Sub-Conflicts
Nom De Jour War
Non Grata

Caustic's Balls of IRON is an ongoing war between Non Grata and IRON.

Background[edit | edit source]

On July 13th, Caustic posted a disbandment announcement for Non Grata. Caustic cited an unresolved grudge Non Grata members had against IRON based on the Disorder War as his reason to attack them as part of Non Grata's disbandment process. This grudge remained unresolved despite Non Grata's reestablishment of an MDoAP with IRON after the Disorder War. IRON reportedly was offered help by several alliances but has refused thus far, keeping the conflict mainly contained to Non Grata and IRON's mid and lower tier.

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