While teams (or color spheres as they are often called) do not have hugely significant game play importance in CyberNations, history is often spoken of as events between alliances within a specific team. For example, the Green cold war as it is sometimes referred to when tensions were high early in the history of the Grand Global Alliance and the Green Protection Agency in the green team, the Moldavi Doctrine in which the New Pacific Order asserts it's claim over the entire red team, the BLEU pact which unites several blue alliances into a mutual aggression/defense agreement, as well as Yellow #5 which was an agreement between the Federation of Armed Nations and the Global Organization for Liberty and Defense to protect unaligned yellow nations.

Of course, events on Planet Bob that affect many teams often have huge impacts on the events in a particular team, such as the frequent use of the pink team as a location where surrendering alliances must move, the creation of the Obsidian Entente on the black team which likely participated the Emerald Affairs on green team.

Below is a list of articles dealing with the history and politics of particular teams, as well as a link to articles of alliances and nations who belong to that team.

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