This category is to identify good alliance pages from the plethora of mediocre and sub-par alliance pages.

Nominate alliance pages here.


Note: The following sections are not mandatory but highly encouraged.

  1. Alliance infobox having good at-a-glance information
  2. Alliance Charter
  3. Alliance structure - departments, what their function(s) are, etc
  4. International relations - current / defunct treaties as well as current / former blocs.
  5. Alliance history - up to date within 6 months and not years outdated at time of submission.
  6. Government history -
  7. War history - up to date with last participated wars
  8. Awards
  9. Image Gallery

Page Aesthetics

  1. Little excess white space
  2. visually stimulating - because ALLLLL text and no images / color would be boring to read
  3. good Style/format discipline
  4. page originality - aka not stealing / copypasta from existing articles

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