Alpha Omega's level is in fact over 9,000.

Hayden Panettiere is the official queen of Alpha Omega" >

Comrade Korey will not be missed by anybody of CN.

Alpha Omega has the second strongest average nation strength in all of CN.

Vladimir Stukov is the only person that can make grown men weep due to their impotent IRC insults compared to his.

Mad Mike says "lol" on an average of 9,001 times per post.

Czar Aleksander has never finished his homework, yet he is always working on it.

D3V1L5ADV0CAT3 is the 1337est photo-shopper known to man.

A-Chi Tenshi is probably of oriental descent.

Manwell is the feistiest Brit this side of the Mississippi.

pcoaltrain is permanently inactive.

Tsar Kalashnikov most likely killed a man in an altercation involving five strippers and a Christmas ham.

tushar dhoot can solve 9,001 mathematical equations in under 30 seconds.

Dorian Polemarch is quite possible the most eloquent bad-ass you will ever meet.

Xenothan's name starts with a "X".

Galvan Mandorik once ate an entire tire at one sitting just to prove that he could.

Mat Cauthon was born one "T" short.

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