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Castelian, Spanglish
Pronunciation Kas'te'li-an
Spoken in Castelian kingdom
Official in Spanglish Flag the Castelian Kingdom
Total Speakers 47,000,000 (2011 est)
Language Family Indo-European
  Vulgar Latin
   Southern Gallo Latin
    Castelian Latin
Script Latin Cursive
Regulated by Universitad de Faustanious

the Castelian Language or Spanglish (Castelian: Castleleanus, French: Castele, Spanish: Castelano, Italian: Castelano Language given to it by the strong Spanish, English. The Castelian language is a Romance Language family of the Southern Gallo Latin a form of Latin heavily influence by the rising French Latin. The Castelian Latin rose from the southern Gallo Latin and after the Spanglish Empire took over Hispañola heavily influenced by the Spanish language. The Castelian language was a mixture of West Germanic and Latin languages. The Language Originated from Gallo Latin, which was the Southern part of France.


Castelian, also knows and Spanglish, is a Romance language. The Language has been shaped through the conquering and being conquered. It is one of the Languages in which was strongly influenced by regions it conquered.



Castelian Language Tree

The Castelian Language evolved from the vulgar Latin spoken in the the Roman Empire and the Latin of the Poor. When the Empire fell the Language was left unregulated by Roman scholars, and so the language changed differently in different regions. The Castelian Latin evolved from the southern Gallo-Latin spoken in the area. The Language kept most of its main Latin grammar two good example is un Parlamentús; Which is a Parliament, adentru del Parlamentum; mean inside a Parliament.

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