Order: Crazed, Pot-smoking Cat
Term of Office: Forever... likely..
Favourite delicacy: Spam
Admired and loved by: All
Date of Birth Who really knows?
Place of Birth: Bahía Esmerelda, Liberalia
Origins: Unknown
Profession: Dancing Spam Cat
Political Party: Whichever has the best kippers
International Office: Forum Stalwart

Carops is unique and much-loved creature, whose origins are unknown. Famous for his lovable appearance, and iconic spliff, Carops has been in more alliances than the average CNer has had hot dinners. As a cat, Carops spends much of his time plaguing the CN forum and IRC channel, primarily because there really isn't much else for a talking cat to do... Carops resideD in Liberalia, the Spanish-speaking Caribbean paradise that he founded some time ago. Its main export is "fun," which comes in a variety of different boxed sets, the cheapest priced around forty euros. Rum is the local drink, which is often used to wash down the after-tastes of iguanas with tabasco, which recently became a popular dish in Liberalia, after it's introduction by The Mighty Pump. Carops is known as a bit of a hippy in CN, never really being brave enough to fight other alliances, but perfectly happy to sit back in his island palace and watch other people do it for him. As a well-known CNer, Carops is one of the few people around who isn't actually a member of any alliance.

Past Alliances Edit

Carops has been a member of GATO, ODN and GCUN. But as a free spirit, Carops is prone to travel when he decides that a certain alliance is not to his tastes. He was among the founders of GCUN, before leaving it after a tiff with his contempories. Today, he loiters around other people's forums, lookinf for something to do. Don't feed him though, because he has a tendency to bite.

Carops joined the NPO for several months, after being persuaded by The Mighty Pump, before leaving CN for to pursue his love of fine wines. He has now returned and leads the nation Mancunian Caropsgrad, which is a member-state of the New Polar Order

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