Caribbean Treaty Organization
God, Liberty, Justice
Military alliance
Secretary General
Council Chairmen
Chief Military Commander
DR flag Tyler Jacobs
Cuba Raul Castro
DR flag Henry Lee
Formation 17 May 2011
Member States DR flag Deltoran Republic
Cuba Cuba
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic Libya
Haiti Haiti
Cape Verde Cape Verde
Saint Lucia Saint Lucia
Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago Belize Belize
Honduras Honduras
Saint Vincent Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Bahamas Bahamas
Louisana Louisiana Federation

The Caribbean Treaty Organization is a geopolitical military alliance formed by multiple nations in May of 2011. Cuba released the news of the formation of the alliance in a press conference in 2011. It was formed in the Third World War to prevent the victory of STOP and was allied with the United Pacific Aligned Coalition. It was likened as the "UPAC of the East". It used multiple economic systems, although all states were partly socialist. It is known to some as the successer to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. After the war, Deltoran forces returned control back to the islands, making sure new governments were democratic. CTO then formed a Military Alliance insuring protection over the Carribean while they rebuild and to eliminate poverty in these areas.


CTO was formed in May of 2011, at the outbreak of the Third World War with motives on destroying the JBRican States and the Deltoran Republic (main enemy of CTO). It had strong ties and relations with the United Pacific Aligned Coalition, and they both shared the same goals.

After the Sunshiner victory in the Great Pacific War, the Deltoran President Tyler Jacobs became the new Secretary-General of the Organization. The Organization then allied with the South American Protection and Assistance Community, and now shares the same goals, which include gathering intelegence of Quad, and of the growing tension with the Soviet Union of Socialist Republics.

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