Caribbean Theater
Part of the Great Pacific War
Raul Castro announcing a declaration of war on the Deltoran Republic.
Date May 17, 2011 - June 15, 2011
Location Caribbean Sea
Deltoran Republic
Bermuda Union

See Great Pacific War

Status Ended
CTO is occupied for a short period of time by the DR
STOP2 STOP and allies

DR flag Deltoran Republic
Bermuda union Bermuda Union
Grenada Grenada
Venezuela Venezuela
Brazil Federative Republic of Brazil
Peru Peruvian Democratic League
Chile Chilean separatists
Cuba Cuban Independence Movement
Jamaica Jamaica
Flag of JBR United States of JBR
Cuba CTO

Cuba Cuba
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
Libya Libya
Haiti Haiti
Cape Verde Cape Verde
Saint Lucia Saint Lucia
Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago Belize Belize
Honduras Honduras,
Saint Vincent Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
UPAC UPAC and allies

Chile Republic of Chile
Peru Republic of Peru
DR flagLaura Nifestri
DR flag Gregor Hammelson
DR flag Frank Cy
DR flag Nava Ladmril
DR flag Ham Young
DR flag Andrew Greng
DR flag Nathon Carrelson
DR flag Henry Jumpers
Tyler Jacobs
Andrew Antin
Cuba Raul Castro
Chile Juan Miguel Fuente-Alba Poblete
Chile Edmundo González Robles
Chile Jorge Rojas Avila
Peru Rafael Rey Rey

The Caribbean Theater of the Great Pacific War (Caribbean Theater) was a theater of the Great Pacific War that referred to the war fought in the Deltoran Republic, the Caribbean Sea, its islands, and the northern coast of South America. It was sometimes referred to as a sub-theater of the American Theater because of its geographic locale but it is treated as a separate theater by both combatant sides alike. It was one of the four theaters of the war, the others being the American Theater, the Pacific Theater, and the Afro-Eurasia Theater. The theater was mostly fought between the signatories of the Sunshine Treaty Organization Pact and its allies versus the members of the Caribbean Treaty Organization, United Pacific Aligned Coalition, and their allies. The war was protested by Deltoran civilians, claiming the "DR military should never be defeated".


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