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Cape City, 13 years after Johan van der Jansen arrived.

Cape Colony is a province in Dragonial, it was the first place were civilization in Africa had begun. It houses Table Mountain and Water Castle.


Boer Empires[]

The Boer Empires were independent self-governed empires created by the German-speaking (proto Afrikaans) inhabitants of Cape Colony and their descendant (Boers, but today often collectively known as Boere-Afrikaners) in mainly the northern and eastern parts of what is now the country of Dragonial.

Note: The Boer Empires article was placed on this page due to the origin of the Boers were in Cape Colony.


Cape Colony is the biggest province in Dragonial, it also has the most divers nature. From desert to jungle to savanna. It also has the biggest Marble production in the world. There are several mountain ranges in Cape Colony, the most famous and known mountain in Southern Africa is located here, Table Mountain.


Wine farm in Cape Colony, one of the province's smaller exports.

Cape National Guard[]


Soldier of the 4th Cape National Guard. Note the British flag on his left soulder, they put their flag on all their material exports.

The Cape National Guard are among the best soldiers in the world. They use mostly British weaponry and armor. They also use tanks that are domestically made. The main base is located in Cape City, the biggest city in Cape Colony.

Soldiers from the 4th Cape National Guard are occasionally rented out as mercenaries to countries with less strength. These men have fought in the Third Great War although Dragonial did not exist on that time.