"Anything Could Happen"
National Anthem
Florence and The Machine-Heartlines GOOD QUALITY

Florence and The Machine-Heartlines GOOD QUALITY


Capital City Tyrus
Established 3/8/2013
(2,467 days old)
Ruler Dalfo
Alliance Flag of the Terran Empire
Terran Empire
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Since 03/08/2013 (2,467 days)
Nation Team Green team Green
Statistics as of 4/16/2013
Total population 25,515
 20,515 civilians
 5,000 soldiers
Population Density 23.05
Literacy Rate 21.38%
Total casualties 840
 840 attacking
 0 defending
Infrastructure 1,899.99
Technology 50.37
Nation Strength 7,652
Nation Rank 6,324 of 5,242 (120.64%)
Alliance Rank 72 of 139 (51.8%)
Total Area 1,106 Earth icon
Environment 2.0 stars
War/Peace War Currently at peace
Connected Resources
Aluminum Marble Cattle Fish Iron Lumber Pigs Spices Sugar Uranium Water Wheat
Bonus Resources Beer Fastfood Construction

A cultist ruler took up arms in nations then and still unknown. First, a plebeian foray into the Random Insanity Alliance. After the nation's unceremonious dissolution, the ruler again led a populace to brief prosperity, under the chaos of Carpe Diem. Unable to steady yet another young nation, the cycle spun a ruler's exodus. The ruler's personae tainted, a third visage was hastily adopted. Dalfo seized a new following, and brought the ambitious assemblage to the Terran Empire (TTE).

Order of Defense and Aggression Edit

Calumet's first priority is the defense of its sovereignty and of its citizens' civil liberties. In return, the population provides the might to defend nations sharing mutual interests with Calumet, and by extension, TTE. The ODA, the First Order, sources Dalfo's ruling authority.

Defensive Combat Edit

In Defense of Fifth Column Confederation

  • Aggressor: Robert K Pond of UnitedImperialstStates (none)
  • Wartime 3/13/2013 - 3/20/13 (expiration)
    • Strength Destroyed: 490.89
    • Technology Taken: 25.65
    • Strength Lost: None
    • Casualties Inflicted: 961 soldiers
    • Calumet Casualties: 829 soldiers

In Defense of TTE

  • Aggressor: Kistune of Alincher (Awesome)
  • Wartime 3/14/2013 - 3/21/2013 (expiration)
    • Strength Destroyed: 411.44
    • Technology Taken: 6.33
    • Strength Lost: None
    • Casualties Inflicted: 17 soldiers
    • Calumet Casualties: 11 soldiers

Order of Culture and Economics Edit

Calumet's second priority is the provision of services, goods and livelihood to its citizens. The earned comfort of Calumet life fosters national respect and unity. The OCE, the Second Order, sustains Dalfo's ruling legacy.

Economic Policy Edit

The Orders' authority and legacy compels payment of a flat, high income tax. Intermittent collection allows for interest revenues shared with the citizens of Calumet. In conjunction with The Terran Empire, the OCE profits from technology exportation, resource sharing and recognition of deeds benefiting TTE.

Economic Markers Edit

  • 3BR Trade Ring: 4/11/2013 - present
  • Technology exported: 700 units
  • Net import/export: +$45,000,000
  • TTE Recognition: $6,000,000
  • Tax Cycles: 3

Terran Empire Edit

Contributions to the protecting alliance of Calumet are of paramount priority. The TTE's parallel philosophy and recognition of member-nations stands as the framework of Calumet's present growth and future movements.

Military Rank Edit

  • Theta Squad 4/16/2013 - present
  • Kappa Squad 3/11/2013 - 4/16/2013
  • Lambda Squad 3/8/2013 - 3/11/2013

Appointments Edit

  • Security Officer 4/13/2013 - present
  • Ambassador 4/2/2013 - present
  • Diplomat to MHA 4/18/2013 - present
  • Diplomat to R&R 4/2/2013 - present

Medals & Miscellany Edit

  • Defender, earned 3/14/2013
  • Sentry, earned 3/14/2013
  • Combat, earned 3/13/2013
  • Sentry Captain, April 2013
  • Forum activity (2nd), earned 3/24/13
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